We at Fix It Auto offer a wide range of unusual services. These are not just average routine maintenance and services. See the list with explanations below to see, whether that is something you are interested in. If so, feel free to step in and set up an appointment!
Headlight restoration. This service is recommended to those, who feel their headlights became dim and yellowish. This procedure is easy and inexpensive, compared to the purchase of new headlights. Besides, headlight restoration we offer is completely safe and won’t cause further destruction. We primarily use restoration kits by Sylvania and 3M, however there are certain other restoration products involved.
Headlight conversion. If you are willing to get brighter headlights, it is a good idea to get a set of HID or LED bulbs installed instead of the stock incandescent bulbs. Our specialists will install the more upscale bulbs and align them properly for you. We offer LED bulbs by Hikari, OPT-7 and PIAA, while the only HID upgrades we have are PIAA HID kits. If you are interested in going with the bulbs by the other brands, just let us know beforehand.
Off-road lighting. We are open to discuss any off-road lighting upgrades you may be interested in. If you wish to get an LED bar installed, a set of cab lights or a pair of off-road auxiliary lights, just let us know! We will help you pick the most suitable product and will proceed with the installation. We stock off-road lights by KC HiLites, Westin, Opt-7 and many other brands.